If you are ever traveling near Toledo, Ohio take the
time to check out this wonderful butterfly conservatory.
 You will find yourself absolutely surrounded by the
most beautiful tropical species of butterflies inside a
tranquil glasshouse full of lush plants, lovely flowers
and several relaxing water features.  We could barely
pull ourselves away from this serene indoor garden.  
And for all of you photographers out there, the
butterflies are easy to reach and shoot, as a matter of
fact, they keep landing all over you!  Fruit trays and
sugar-water feeders supplement the nectar-producing
flowers so everyone can closely observe the feeding
habits of these magical creatures.  The children are
mesmerized by the sheer number of butterflies that
seem to seek you out to land on a hand, sleeve or hat.  
It makes you feel honored somehow....like they think
you are special and trustworthy.  It's just cool.