Learning Today to Care About Tomorrow

Elementary School Program Rates

The classroom program that we offer is $ 250
(plus travel if more than 40 miles outside of Cincinnati, Ohio)

Our program:

We ask the teacher to determine the length of our session to suit the needs of the classroom schedule.
We customize our presentation to suit any age group.
We supply our books to students at a discount rate of $15 or $20 each – tax included.
We bring many displays and butterfly specimens for the students to view.
We have live insects (in season) for the class to observe and handle.
Our presentation is a fun and informative digital slide show about butterfly and insect life cycles that also
covers topics like pollination, the food web, insect anatomy and the importance of natural habitats.
We provide one free hardcover butterfly book for the teacher.
We provide one free hardcover butterfly book for the school library.
We welcome questions from the students during and after our session.
We personally sign each student's book after our presentation.
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$ 20 hard cover
$ 15 soft cover
$ 15 soft cover
Author Visit and Nature Workshop

~  Learning Today to Care About Tomorrow  ~
Sister and brother naturalists Judy Burris and Wayne Richards from Northern Kentucky (greater Cincinnati area)
are the authors and photographers of three nature books:

Nature's Notes - Bite sized Learning and Projects for All Ages - 2012 first place winner in photography for
the Royal Dragonfly Book Award and Creative Child Magazine's "preferred choice winner", and Mom's Choice
Award Gold Seal winner.

The Secret Lives of Backyard Bugs - winner of the 2011 National Outdoor Book Award (NOBA) and
also the 2012 Teacher's Choice Award for "Product of Excellence for the Family".

The Life Cycles of Butterflies - winner of two Teacher's Choice Awards:
"Children's Books" and "Product of Excellence for the Family".

Judy and Wayne's articles and nature photography have been published worldwide in calendars, books,
newspapers and magazines including
Butterfly Gardener, Birds and Blooms, Nature's Garden, The Cincinnati
Enquirer, Better Homes and Gardens, Cincinnati Magazine and Backyard Living.

Curriculum Connections:

Science - butterfly and insect life cycles and behavior, interdependence of plants and wildlife, importance of
natural habitats, process of observation and documentation.
Art - photography skills and design layout.
Language Arts - vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing and book research.

Students will be encouraged to explore and experience nature up-close and
create stories using their own photography and writing.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  Teacher Checklist for author visit  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Contact us to schedule a date and time plus let us know the number of students in your

Inform the parents:  print copies of the Parent Letter/Order Form and send one home with
each student.  Please collect the forms and payments by the Friday before our visit, and
make reminder announcements to your class.

Contact us with the totals so we can bring the correct amount of each book.  We always
bring some extras to handle last minute orders as well.

We will need use of a screen, AV cart for our laptop and our projector, and two tables for
our displays.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Parent Letter/Order Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dear Parent,

Our class is preparing for a visit by authors Judy Burris and Wayne Richards.  Their books
"Nature's Notes", "The Life Cycles of Butterflies" and "The Secret Lives of Backyard Bugs"
have won several national awards including the Teacher's Choice Award for children's books.  
They are offering their books at a discount rate and will be personally signing your child's
copy during their classroom visit to our school.  Please visit their website to learn more:


It is easy to order.  Just look over this letter with your child, select the books you want, mark
them on the order form section, and return this form to me with payment in cash or a check
payable to
Judy Burris by this date: ______________________.  The authors will be bringing
your books with them and present them to the students during class.

Owning your own books is something special.  There is no obligation to order, but I know of
no better way to encourage reading than to allow children to choose their own books.
$ 20 each
hard cover book
$ 15 each
soft cover book
$ 15 each
soft cover book
Quantity ________
Quantity ________
Quantity ________
Our programs are hands-on and inquiry-based presentations . . . educational and entertaining
"Wayne and Judy's presentation was such a
wonderful experience for our students and teachers.  
Their presentation was hands-on and engaging as
well as child-friendly.  Their enthusiasm for nature
and the outdoors is contagious, and I would highly
recommend them for visits to other schools."
Lisa Dieso, Associate Director
Northern Kentucky Montessori Center