We love the false eye-spots on our
Spicebush Swallowtail caterpillars.
Such a mean little face!

Wow, look at all these butterflies puddling next to a creek.  Male butterflies
exhibit this behavior in order to sip dissolved salts and nutrients from the mud
that they will need for reproduction.  This photo was taken by Mark Achor at
Red River Gorge in Kentucky.

This is a tropical butterfly called
a Glasswing, taken at a butterfly
conservatory in Ohio.  Click on it
to enlarge in a new window and
notice the colors on the clear
parts of the wings.  This species
looks almost like a dragonfly.

Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen?  Wayne heard this baby
deer crying in the woods behind his house.  The mother had walked
off a little way to eat.  When the baby saw Wayne coming, it dropped
to the ground and played dead.....perfect photo opportunity!

our butterfly release
count for 2008 was :
We released our very first butterflies of the year on
Monday April 21, from our over-wintered chrysalises.  
We raise a lot of swallowtails, and the ones that are
caterpillars during the cool autumn months form their
chrysalis and go into
diapause (hibernation) and
"sleep" through the winter.

Zebra swallowtail caterpillars eat Paw paw tree leaves.
(click on any picture to see a larger image)
Zebra Swallowtail

Our tulips and daffodils have finished blooming, while
our dogwood trees and lilacs are just getting started.

We have seen several Tiger Swallowtails flying
around our gardens....they lay eggs on tulip poplar,
wild cherry, and sweet bay magnolia trees.

The Cabbage White butterflies have been laying eggs
on "weeds" in the wild mustard family that spring up in
our gardens.
female tiger swallowtail

Our first hummingbirds of the year are
here....a couple of ruby-throated males
staking claim to the sugar feeders.

check out this wonderful link to see
hummingbird eggs -
click here

We are already collecting butterfly eggs
from our gardens...so far we have
pipevine, eastern black and zebra
pipevine swallowtail eggs

We spotted our first orioles perched high in the trees.

Our cone flowers are putting on their first buds and we've
seen the first Red Admiral butterfly of the season.

Comma butterflies have been eating on our mushy fruit tray.
red admiral butterfly
comma butterfly

We released a giant swallowtail from our
batch of hibernating chrysalises.  We
only get a few of this species each year.

We found our first spicebush swallowtail
butterfly eggs of the season.
We went to one of our local parks and saw a bunch of Pearl
Crescent butterflies courting each other in the tall grass.
We also saw a newly-emerged dragonfly still clinging next to its
empty nymph shell....cool.
Gemmed Satyr
Look at this wild moth caterpillar.  
Anytime you see one with hairs
like this....look but
don't touch,
they may sting you.
Stag beetle

Wayne's backyard July 2008
Egg -->
close-up of a butterfly face
what big eyes you have !

This is a Question Mark butterfly
laying her eggs on our hop vines.  
The close-up below shows the
detail on the eggs.

The butterfly on the right is a
tropical butterfly laying her eggs
on a plant inside a butterfly
conservatory.  The tiny
caterpillars eat their eggshells
as soon as they hatch.
> > > > > >> > > > > > > > > >

Watch this amazing video of
Purple Hairstreak butterflies -

Click Here
Red Admiral butterfly
Click on this Paw Paw sphinx moth to enlarge
it in a new window.....the pattern on its wings
makes it look like a small moth is perched on
the back of a larger one....but it is actually just
a coloration illusion....cool....